still has trust issues

elena. 20. uk. i like to sit in my room with a cup of tea while avoiding uni work with sherlock, supernatural, hannibal, castle, spooks, merlin, harry potter, the almighty johnsons, the avengers etc.


fangirl challenge • ten tv shows
↳ [2/10] orange is the new black

"I was somebody with a life that I chose for myself. And now, now it’s just about getting through the day without crying. And I’m scared. I’m still scared. I’m scared that I’m not myself in here, and I’m scared that I am. Other people aren’t the scariest part of prison, Dina, it’s coming face-to-face with who you really are. Because once you’re behind these walls, there’s nowhere to run, even if you could run. The truth catches up with you in here, Dina. And it’s the truth that’s gonna make you her bitch.”

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